We Buy Houses Company Clarkston, MI

We Buy Houses Company Clarkston, MI
Steve Londeau:
… here with House Full of Cash. I’m out at a house in Independence Township in Clarkston. Just put this under contract last week. We’re wrapping up the final details before we head to closing.

This was a property that was inherited and we came out, made the offer, and she really needed to sell it kind of quickly and didn’t really want to deal with the hassle of putting it back on the market, listing it with a real estate agent and so on, and so we made her an all cash offer, we offered to pay all the closing costs, and we can close on her timeline. Super, as soon as she was ready to sell. That’s the house here. I’ll take you inside for a quick tour and show you the types of homes we buy.

Here’s the Florida room. You can’t really see out to the backyard but the lot goes on for quite a ways. The home [inaudible 00:03:41] acre. Here’s the living room.

Hey, it’s Steve Londeau here with House Full of Cash. I’m standing in the kitchen of a home that we just recently put under contract in Clarkston. We’re actually working on the final steps before closing, doing the final walk through, and we’re preparing to close on this property next week. The seller, Carol, contacted us through a letter that she got in the mail and we had a phone conversation that lasted maybe five minutes or so. It sounded like we could help her, so we booked an appointment to come out and take a look at the house.

We came out the same day, looked at the home, and made her an offer. A couple days later we had an agreement and we put the house under contract. We’re now about two weeks later and we’re about ready to close, so we can close very, very quickly.

If you have a home that you would like to sell and you’re looking for a fair cash price offer from an investor that knows that market, maybe you’re here in Clarkston, maybe you’re somewhere else in Oakland County, Michigan, but you can reach out to us at the number we just below there. Thanks.
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